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We are rebuilding toward a sustainable future.

We know that our customers have Service, Quality and Environmental goals. We do too. We know that our industry can do better, and it is our mission to lead the way.  #Restore Responsibly is our approach to both our work philosophy and our internal culture.

Our #RestoreResponsibly Philosophy

We look at our operations, initiatives, people, partnerships and processes through the lens of how can continually do better. We call it  #RestoreResponsibly.

Landfill Diversion Services

Property restoration and construction is a debris-laden industry. When we arrive on site, the first thing we do is assess and mitigate. Simply put – we stop further damage from occurring and stabilize the environment. That can mean considerable demolition which results in extensive amounts of debris. 

Working in partnership with Greenflow Environmental Services, we have introduced a process to incorporate disciplined waste diversion practices to each project, decreasing the amount of debris we send to landfill. 

If the property owner/insurer opts-in for this service, instead of a typical waste bin being dropped on site, a specialty Greenflow bin is deployed. All waste is then disposed into this bin. Once the bin is full, it is sorted and recycled at Greenflow’s recycling facility. 

Drywall is turned back into its original gypsum form. Wood debris is upcycled into particleboard and metals can be upcycled according to their material types. Any other waste materials can be converted into “waste-to-energy” through high-tech processes that includes burning, gas separation, scrubbing or heating.

The best part – we can track and measure your diversion rate (amount diverted from the landfill) for any given project. We can even send you this in a report format- free of charge. 

Waste Diverted
from Landfill

Only about 12 per cent of construction waste is being diverted from landfill.
We saw an opportunity to do better. 

3rd Highest

40% of GHG Emissions
The built environment – or Construction Industry – is responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainable Reconstruction with Built Green Canada

We need to get serious about constructing and reconstructing our homes using sustainable materials and practices if we want to get a handle on embodied carbon.

Working in partnership with Built Green Canada®, we are the only restorer in Canada to be able to offer insurers and property owners and audited, certified green choice when they rebuild. This can include single room repairs up to total loss rebuilds. 

We worked closely with Built Green® to reimagine their powerful program and create a version that is suited for the unpredictability of disaster restoration, helping us, insurers and property owners make sustainable choices and meet their own environmental, net zero and supply chain sustainability goals.

Learn more about the benefits of going Built Green Certified with your next project here and download our Built Green Information Kit below to see how the process works:

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program

Introducing Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) – a remarkable program designed to help homeowners enhance their energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. At Hudson Restoration, we are proud to be your partner in facilitating the application process for this invaluable initiative.

HER+ offers homeowners substantial rebates and incentives for implementing energy-efficient upgrades to their homes, such as insulation, window replacements, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. With our extensive expertise in home restoration and energy efficiency solutions, we are well-equipped to guide homeowners through the HER+ application process. Our team of skilled professionals will provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and efficiently. To learn more about the benefits of HER+ and how Hudson Restoration can assist you, visit our blog for in-depth information and valuable insights into this groundbreaking program.

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Our #RestoreResponsibly Culture

We seek to constantly do better, and use our #RestoreResponsibly lens when looking internally as well.

We are Restoring Green®

We seek to constantly do better, and use our #RestoreResponsibly lens when looking internally as well.

We are shifting to 80% PHEV and EV fleet of vehicles by 2028.
We are completely paperless. Any “paper” we do use is made of sugar.
Hyperlink vehicle charging stations and solar panels located at our Orillia/Muskoka location.
We are measuring, monitoring, and developing a CO2 reduction plan every year through BMO Radicle.
We have an extensive in-house recycling program.
All apparel and marketing stationary is sourced from sustainable materials.
Much more. We are always thinking green!

We are Restoring Lives®

It’s not enough to just be a profitable business. It’s important to remember that people make a company, and not the other way around. We work to ensure our Team’s mental health and work-life balance is supported. In addition, we are #restoringlives abroad, working with Live Different to help families in less fortunate living arrangements across the globe. 

Collaboration with Live Different and the creation of donation-funded trips for staff to help rebuild impoverished communities.
Birthday’s off, tree planting days, user-friendly software, support and training, company golf day, bring your dog to work, fitness incentives and other team programs designed to support our efforts and alleviate our stresses.
Paid Staff outings to volunteer at local shelters or long-term care homes providing food or care where needed.
Quarterly donations to a new team member’s charity of choice.
Collaborating with Habitat for Humanity and redirecting materials for reuse.
Much more!

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