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At Hudson, we’re passionate about taking care of your buildings and the people that occupy them when disaster strikes.

Our story began with a focus on service, specifically for upscale, luxury and boutique property owners and managers. We have added expertise in restoring eco-friendly properties and are driving forward with a “#RestoreResponsibly” philosophy.

We’ve built a reputation for quality and integrity, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. With a vision of building back better, we continually leverage technology both in the office and in the field, helping communicate and manage the process, but also to incorporate and measure “green build science” whenever possible. For property manager clients, we’re ready to serve you, your properties and your tenants with white glove service and eco-friendly solutions.

Hudson Restoration is and always will be a boutique, offering:

Full-service (emergency services, restoration, contents cleaning and reconstruction).
Certified, service oriented team of professionals.
Partnerships and collaborations with sustainability experts in and around our field.
Varied and innovative property damage restoration methods and technology.
Expanding geography through like-minded franchisees.

Our Process

A Hudson representative will be dispatched within one hour of your call to perform an inspection. Hudson emergency crews will be on-site following direction from the Hudson representative.
Whether it’s a fire, water, wind or environmental disaster, this first phase typically involves immediate cleaning and mitigation. In most cases this is performed on a time & materials basis in conjunction with your insurer.
Once the site is stabilized, a repair estimate is put together by one of our expert Project Managers, along with a detailed scope and approximation on timeline. This estimate is reviewed by your insurer and presented to you, the insured. If approved, the work is scheduled right away & reconstruction commences.


Rapid Response

We will work swiftly to mitigate damage and ensure you are being taken care of.  Ours crews will work diligently and efficiently 


Our teams make sure daily site cleaning is performed, especially if there are inhabitants occupying the property.


A detailed schedule of work will be given to you well ahead of commencement of the work. We emphasize communicating updates to all interested parties consistently throughout the duration of repairs.


Sustainability is engrained in our DNA. Not only do we employ ESG principles & practices throughout our internal operations behind the scenes, we are the only restorer in Canada to offer sustainable rebuild options to property owners just like you. Learn more here.

Getting you operational

Whether you need help with a property damage emergency or want to learn more about our services, we’re here for you.

Call us anytime at 1-888-918-6855 or send us a message.

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