We take our brand VERY seriously and don’t offer it to just anyone. Hudson Franchisee prospects go through an exhaustive, extensive vetting process and only a handful of territorial opportunities are given out each year. Once you are a part of the Hudson Family, you are a valuable piece of an executive group of hungry, driven entrepreneurs with access to resources and revenue streams you never had before. We can’t say it will be easy, but we can promise you it will be worth it!

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Why Hudson

We are an entrepreneurial and innovative group and seek like-minded teammates. Hudson has been around for more than a decade and are growing. We have great reviews and a solid reputation for integrity. We have distinguished ourselves from the mainstream of restoration in a few key ways:


We are boutique, and plan to stay that way. We were founded to serve a niche, and specialize in luxury homes, commercial businesses and boutique property management companies, a sector not well served by volume-based restoration companies.


We actively maintain a lower PM / Job ratio than most other restoration firms. Simply put this does two things: 1) enables our teams to provide more attention and better service to each customer, and 2) contributes to a healthier, happier and less stressful workplace.


We are committed to “doing this industry better.” Sustainability is a part of our DNA. We work to do better in our own office operations, and to bring better, and more sustainable solutions to our property jobs as well.


We are Canadian. Money spent and earned stays here in Canada, supporting our own local economies, and not funneling across a border. We think this is important.


And yes, we support our franchisees with branding, marketing support and relevant, user- friendly tech tools … but these are really table stakes aren’t they? Hudson Corporate will assist your new franchise with getting Tarion Certified.

A Short Look at the Restoration Industry

Simply stated, restoration is about helping property owners restore their properties following a disaster. We work closely with the insurance industry as well as property managers and owners directly.

In Canada, restoration is a $60B industry, and growing. It is growing largely due to the increasing frequency and severity of weather events, and the escalating costs associated.

We operate at the front lines of climate change.

BUT the built industry as a whole is responsible for about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions – GHG’s that are contributing to these extreme weather events.

See the problem?

This is what drives our WHY.

"Restoration is a $60B industry, and growing."
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"The restoration industry as a whole is responsible for about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions"
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Who Succeeds Here

Successful franchisees generally have construction, sales and management and business experience.

Restoration industry specific training, certifications and experience is a plus, but a genuine interest in building better for the future is necessary.


This industry isn’t for everyone. Emergencies happen 24/7 and our role is to respond 24/7, mitigate and stabilize a site to prevent further damage. Then we breath for a minute and work out what the path to restoration and rebuild looks like.

Our teams handle anything from asbestos abatement and Covid-19 professional cleaning, to fire and water losses, to heritage re-builds and new home construction, green (re)builds and renovation.

This is a Human Business

While our work falls into the construction category, there is a very real human element that are prepared to deal with. We meet our property owner customers in times of personal crisis or chaos: their slate roof leaked, trailing water through two floors and flooding the basement media room, damaging drywall, art and treasured contents. Or a fire broke out in a sound studio, destroying or damaging electronics, specialty soundproofing, inventory and infrastructure so severely that the studio needs to temporarily close, putting musicians on hold, and all staff out of work until we get our jobs done. It can be stressful, but our work restores much more that just buildings.

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Are You A FIT?

If the idea of using your energy, skills and future-forward vision to build a business that helps others through a crisis sounds like a fit for you, let us know.


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