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Our mission is to lead our industry into a sustainable future. We want to give our clients and customers a green choice. We seek like-minded partners to help us accomplish our mission.

Aclymate Climate Leader Plus

Certification through Aclymate enables us to join an elite group of businesses that are starting to do the hard work of identifying their emissions and working to reduce them.

Built Green® Canada

We collaborated with Built Green Canada to come up with a method to incorporate and apply holistic sustainability measures like energy efficiencies, green building technology and sustainable materials, into the unpredictable restoration process.

Greenflow Environmental Services

We collaborated with Greenflow to provide safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal services throughout the entire restoration process, recycling/upcycling/restoring, and ultimately decreasing the amount of debris going to landfill.

One Tree Planted

We joined the One Tree Planted community and have been making offsetting commitments for years, except we plant 10 trees for every claim instead of just one.

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We are always interested in collaborating with people who can help us do better, and love to share ideas, updates, announcements and news.

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