Contents Cleaning and Decontamination


Specialized Leadership and Team

Our Contents Restoration Service is led by industry veteran and contents specialist, Deborah Moscrop.

Deb has close to twenty years’ experience in the insurance and property claims industry, and successfully owned and operated her own contents restoration business for many years on Canada’s west coast. Her technical expertise is supplemented by her ability to display professional courtesy with positive attitude, sympathy and empathy.

Customers know they, and their belongings, are in good hands.

What to expect:

Restoration not only includes a structure, but everything inside it. Whether it’s professional content manipulation, or specialty cleaning, we can help.

Inventory & Assess

Our specialized team of Contents Experts will attend your home or business, assess & document your personal items based on the level of contamination/damage. Unsalvageable items will be listed on a Schedule of Loss and sent to your adjuster for valuation. Any cleanable items will be manipulated to our facility for specialty cleaning. All contents are professionally & meticulously protected prior to manipulation.

Restore, Repair or Dispose

Based on our assessment, cleaning of the items, restoring of the items or disposing of items which were listed on the Schedule of Loss are performed. We work directly with your insurer to ensure that we are on the same page.

Store & Return

We offer storage of your contents for the duration of repairs (subject to insurance coverage). Once repairs to the structure are complete, we arrange for you for a time that works to reset your contents back into your home or business.

What We Can Clean

Whether it’s on-site emergency cleaning and disinfection, in-house contents processing, or contaminated item drop off, we follow state-of-the-art procedural clean-up for fire, flood, odour removal and COVID-19 cleaning.

More items can be cleaned or restored than many people assume. The severity of damage determines whether an item can be restored, and every type of item requires a customized treatment plan. Only trained craftspeople, hygienists and technicians should make these determinations to ensure health and safety

List of items

Furniture, family heirlooms, sensitive documents, expensive equipment, electronics, and artwork are all items that can be restored. Smelly hockey gear can be cleaned!

Don’t think we can clean it? Call and ask us!

State-of-the-art Facility

We have operated our full-service, IICRC Certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) cleaning facility (the “Decontamination Depot”) out of our Orillia location, where we have provided cleaning, contents and property restoration services since 2018. This location supports our business across Ontario, providing specialized cleaning and decontamination services such as ultrasonic cleaning, deodorizing, and document drying to help restore items that are sodden, sooty, smokey, smelly or stained.

The facility is undergoing extensive renovations to be better equipped to support Hudson’s vision and new franchise locations.

Our Process

A Hudson representative will be dispatched within one hour of your call to perform an inspection. Hudson emergency crews will be on-site following direction from the Hudson representative.
Whether it’s a fire, water, wind or environmental disaster, this first phase typically involves immediate cleaning and mitigation. In most cases this is performed on a time & materials basis in conjunction with your insurer.
Once the site is stabilized, a repair estimate is put together by one of our expert Project Managers, along with a detailed scope and approximation on timeline. This estimate is reviewed by your insurer and presented to you, the insured. If approved, the work is scheduled right away & reconstruction commences.


The Decontamination Depot is an IICRC Certified facility (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) operated by Hudson Restoration. Whether it’s on site emergency cleaning and disinfection, in-house contents processing, or contaminated item drop off, we follow state-of-the-art procedural clean-up for fire, flood, odour removal and COVID-19 cleaning.



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