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We were insurance professionals first. We know what you need in order to provide the service levels your customers expect.


At Hudson Restoration, we’re passionate about helping you and your insureds when disaster strikes.

Hudson Restoration is and always will be a boutique firm offering:

Full-service (emergency services, restoration, contents cleaning and reconstruction)
Certified, service oriented team of professionals
Partnerships and collaborations with sustainability experts in and around our field.
Varied and innovative property damage restoration methods and technology
Expanding geography through like-minded franchisees



Quality over quantity. Although we can handle volume, we do not pursue volume-based partnerships with large insurers & big property management firms. This keeps our claim count lower, allowing our expert Project Managers to spend more time on each project that comes in. More time = less mistakes + more attention to detail. 

Service Area

As of 2023, Hudson Restoration services the majority of South-Western Ontario with offices in Burlington, Markham, Toronto, Orillia & Kingston, with plans to expand into London, Kitchener/Waterloo & Ottawa by 2024. Have a claim in a surrounding area? No problem! Drop us a line here & we’ll try to help you out in any way we can.

Rapid Response

We have a guaranteed 1 hour response time in any existing service area. Our 24/7, 365 on-call rotation & afterhours claims line ensures no claims are missed. 

Construction Carpenter Worker

We believe deeply in staying ahead of the curve. In our ever-evolving industry, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology to optimize our claims processing. We utilize Docusketch, drones & the latest apps to ensure complete transparency & communication between all interested parties.


We were insurance adjusters first. We understand the importance of setting accurate reserves & ensuring that documentation of the file is a top priority at the onset of the claim. We have two types of reports to suit your needs. 

Our Rapid Report is a expedited report sent by the Project Manager within 12 hours of inspection (however, this is normally sent within 3 hours). This report is used for any claim the Project Manager deems to be under $35,000.00 in total costs. These reports are a huge hit for adjusters who require an “Inspection Only” on a file & want to close it out right away.

Our secondary Detailed Report is for any project deemed to be over $35,000.00 in total costs. This report goes into much more detail & outlines more specifics in writing.

The best part – if you as an insurance professional would like to change something on our report template, no problem. As a boutique, operational tweaks can be made quickly & with ease. 


Communication is literally one of our Core values here at Hudson & is engrained within our culture. Not only do we ensure you as an insurance adjuster/broker/manager stay informed of the progression of the file every step of the way, but we are hard at work behind the scenes ensuring our internal communication is thorough & seamless.


As I’m sure you have noticed, we are specialists in the art of reconstructing properties with the least impact on the environment. Now more than ever, insureds demand responsible contractors in their homes & businesses who are conscious of their environmental impact. At Hudson, not only do we work hard every day to measure & reduce our carbon footprint, we pass those metrics on to you. 

Some important initiatives to mention: 

Carbon Offset Report

Through our partnership with BMO Radicle, we will be able to provide insurer & broker partners with yearly carbon offset reports – measuring how much Co2 you have helped reduce by streamlining your claims through Hudson Restoration. Share this report on your socials & show the world the impact you are making!

10 Tree Program

We plant 10 trees for every project you send us. That’s right. Through our partnership with OneTreePlanted, we are able to plant trees all over the world & make an impact on climate change through claims.

Landfill Diversion

As a restoration contractor, we deal with a LOT of waste. Instead of this waste going into a landfill, we’ve partnered with Greenflow Environmental to recycle & upcycle that waste. Learn more about the process here. 

Certified Built Green Construction & Reconstruction

We are the only restorer in Canada to be Built Green Certified. In the event of a loss, we will be able to offer your policyholders an option to upgrade or substitute to sustainable materials & processes & obtain a nationally recognized certification in the process. Learn more about the benefits of a Built Green home here.


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