Environmental Hazards can include mould, asbestos, lead, odours, trauma, COVID-19 and other biohazards. They can be stand alone or come up during the course of restoration or renovation. They need to be dealt with & remediated by professionals.

Hudson provides expert level remediation services to businesses and residents all over Ontario, and are prepared to respond, 24/7, to any environmental related emergency.

Service Spaces:

Medical Facilities
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Mould Remediation

Hudson technicians follow safe and strict IICRC guidelines are fully trained in identification and containment of mould. We work with certified biohazard specialists to ensure the health and safety of property owners, from start to finish.

Asbestos & Lead Abatement

Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious and fatal illness, and asbestos related liability remains an ongoing concern for Property Managers, Homeowners, Business Owners & Insurers. At Hudson, all abatement staff are certified 253W Workers and regulations are strictly enforced on site.

Odour Removal

Most odours and contaminants are organic-based compounds held together by carbon bonds. In order to safely neutralize these harmful or offensive compounds (such as bacteria, mold, VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, fire smoke, etc…) we break these carbon bonds and allow them to fall back into simple harmless elements.

Whether it’s your home, business or personal belongings, Hudson uses nanotechnology in high- concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way to create this powerful reaction.

Trauma Scene Clean Up

The clean up of blood and bodily fluids due to an accident, homicide, suicide or natural death requires highly trained IICRC technicians who are versed in the protocol, procedures, equipment and PPE necessary for these types of cleanup. 

The nature of this type of work also has a psychological aspect. Our trained IICRC technicians recognize the sensitive nature of the work and proceed with the care required. 

Timely and proper decontamination of a cleanup of this nature is critical, and our teams take steps to care for the safety and health of the property’s inhabitants. In many cases contaminants may not be visible, and require specialized equipment to detect.  Without timely cleanup, costs and severity can rise due to the spread of contamination.

Different categories for trauma include Sudden or Accidental Death, Homicide, Suicide, Human Decomposition, Hoarding, Odour, Industrial Accidents and Injuries, Vehicle Decontamination, Prison Cell Decontamination, Contaminated Needles Cleanup, Animal Cleanup.

Our Process

A Hudson representative will be dispatched within one hour of your call to perform an inspection. Hudson emergency crews will be on-site following direction from the Hudson representative.
Whether it’s a fire, water, wind or environmental disaster, this first phase typically involves immediate cleaning and mitigation. In most cases this is performed on a time & materials basis in conjunction with your insurer.
Once the site is stabilized, a repair estimate is put together by one of our expert Project Managers, along with a detailed scope and approximation on timeline. This estimate is reviewed by your insurer and presented to you, the insured. If approved, the work is scheduled right away & reconstruction commences.


The Decontamination Depot is an IICRC Certified facility (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) operated by Hudson Restoration. Whether it’s on site emergency cleaning and disinfection, in-house contents processing, or contaminated item drop off, we follow state-of-the-art procedural clean-up for fire, flood, odour removal and COVID-19 cleaning.



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