Property fires are traumatic. Hudson provides expert level Fire Restoration & Repair services to businesses and residents all over Ontario, and are prepared to respond, 24/7, to any fire emergency. 

We regularly work closely with insurers, and together we can help coordinate your claim and get your property and life back together.

What to expect following a fire:

Inventory & Assess

Our immediate priority is to secure the structure and the contents within so proper investigations and inspections can occur. Our certified technicians will board-up any breaches within the building envelope and ensure the site is safe & secure.


Alongside insurer approved Hygienists, we take every step necessary to remove any residual smell of smoke from your home or business, using eco-friendly and industry certified processes and products.

Contents Restoration

Utilizing our in-house experts and our state-of-the-art Decontamination Depot facility, we will be able to clean and deodourize your precious personal belongings back to their original state. Learn more about the incredible Contents work we do here.


Once the site is stabilized and contaminates have been removed, we produce an estimate to your insurer for reconstructing the structure back to like-kind & quality. At this point, you can work with one of our exceptional Project Manager’s to perform any upgrades you may wish to incorporate into the restored structure. We can even build you back Certified Built Green!

Our Process

A Hudson representative will be dispatched within one hour of your call to perform an inspection. Hudson emergency crews will be on-site following direction from the Hudson representative.
Whether it’s a fire, water, wind or environmental disaster, this first phase typically involves immediate cleaning and mitigation. In most cases this is performed on a time & materials basis in conjunction with your insurer.
Once the site is stabilized, a repair estimate is put together by one of our expert Project Managers, along with a detailed scope and approximation on timeline. This estimate is reviewed by your insurer and presented to you, the insured. If approved, the work is scheduled right away & reconstruction commences.


The Decontamination Depot is an IICRC Certified facility (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) operated by Hudson Restoration. Whether it’s on site emergency cleaning and disinfection, in-house contents processing, or contaminated item drop off, we follow state-of-the-art procedural clean-up for fire, flood, odour removal and COVID-19 cleaning.



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