Hudson Restoration Expands Orillia Branch and Takes Another Leap Towards a Sustainable Future

At Hudson Restoration, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Orillia branch, reinforcing our commitment to offering top-notch restoration services in a sustainable manner. As a leading boutique and eco-friendly restoration firm, this expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming the go-to provider for luxury and eco-conscious property restoration.

Our upgraded facility, along with the addition of cutting-edge green technology, has solidified us as a full-service restoration provider. This blog post highlights the key features of our expansion and how it aligns with our vision of leading the restoration industry into a sustainable future.


A boutique, family business, we are excited about the brand we have built and what it has come to represent,” says Nick Hudson, President at Hudson Restoration. “We have a vision of being the go-to firm for luxury and eco-friendly property restoration. We are growing, the industry is evolving, and people are looking to join us. These upgrades enable us to provide full-service contents cleaning, and are another step along our ‘Restoring Responsibly’ journey.


A Comprehensive Restoration Facility:

The extensive renovations at our Orillia branch have resulted in the acquisition of neighboring facility spaces. One of the notable additions is the retrofitting of a former barber shop into a customer-facing retail space, enabling us to enhance our interaction with clients. Furthermore, a second, larger adjacent space has been integrated, complementing our original office to create a comprehensive full-service facility.


Our recent addition of cleaning and decontamination expert Deb Moscrop, as well as the sustainability upgrades made to our facility and fleet just up the ante,” says Jeff Latour, Branch and Project Manager at Hudson Orillia.


Expanded Contents Cleaning Capabilities:

Our mission to provide exceptional restoration services led us to invest in expanding our contents cleaning capabilities. Previously, Hudson Orillia offered soft contents cleaning through the “Decontamination Depot.” With the recent upgrades, we now proudly include hard contents cleaning in our repertoire of services. This expansion enables us to cater to insurance industry clients as well as offer direct contents cleaning solutions to customers in the Simcoe/Muskoka area.


In my 20 years of experience, I have dealt with every possible permutation and combination when it comes to dirt and grime,” says Deb Moscrop, Contents Cleaning Manager at Hudson. “Disasters like fires and floods, as well as day-to-day life can leave your things needing expert cleaning help. With our new tools, equipment, space, and chemistry capabilities, we now offer complete full-service contents cleaning solutions. I would like to think there is nothing I cannot clean, so put me to the test.


Introducing Sustainable Technologies:

We have always been committed to sustainability, and this expansion allowed us to take our eco-initiatives to the next level. Alongside our existing recycling programs, LED lighting, and rooftop solar panels, we have installed publicly accessible EV Charging stations, making it easier for clients and employees to adopt electric vehicles. Furthermore, we have added our first FORD F-150 Lightning Electric Truck to our fleet as we continue our transition away from fossil fuels, reducing our carbon footprint.


The expansion of our Orillia branch and the bolstering of our contents cleaning capabilities represent a significant milestone for us. As we forge ahead in our “Restoring Responsibly” journey, we are proud to be at the forefront of the restoration industry’s sustainable future. The enhancements made to our facility and the addition of green technology align perfectly with our vision of being the preferred choice for luxury and eco-friendly property restoration.


We invite you to learn more about our Decontamination Depot and explore our branch expansion, cleaning and restoration services, and eco-initiatives by visiting our website,, or reaching out to us at Together, we can make a positive impact on both our environment and the lives of those we serve.

– Hudson Restoration Team



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