Transforming Restoration Services: 3 Powerful Takeaways from Our Client Feedback Survey

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Restoration services are always evolving. Recognizing the dynamic needs of our sophisticated clientele, we recently conducted the “Hudson Restoration Experience Insight Survey” among our personal contacts. This survey aimed to gather direct insights from our clients and insurance/IA partners, helping us better understand their priorities and enhance our restoration services accordingly.

While it’s not common practice to publicly share detailed findings from our market research, at Hudson Restoration, we view transparency as a fundamental part of our service philosophy. By revealing the insights from our “Hudson Restoration Experience Insight Survey,” we not only continue to uphold our commitment to openness about our processes and methodologies but also address a clear preference from our clients for such transparency. Moreover, if our findings can assist another restoration company in enhancing their services, we believe in fostering a collaborative spirit within the industry. After all, improving the standards of restoration services benefits everyone involved, from service providers to clients.


Survey Insights and Analysis


Question #1: What drives your selection in a restoration company?

A poll showing that Quality Of Service is the #1 factor when an insurance company is deciding on which restoration services company to use.

The survey revealed that the primary driver for selecting a restoration company among our clients is the quality of service, with nearly 80% of respondents marking it as their top priority. Speed of response and effective communication also ranked highly, underscoring the importance of quick and clear interaction in emergency restoration services. Surprisingly, aspects such as sustainability practices, company reputation, and cleanliness of the worksite were less critical to our respondents, suggesting these areas might not be primary decision-making factors but still important for overall satisfaction.

Question #2: As a decision-maker, what would enhance your trust in a restoration service provider?

A poll showing that transparency about processes and materials was the #1 thing decision makers said would enhance their trust in a restoration service provider.

Transparency about processes and materials emerged as the most significant factor in building trust with decision-makers, with nearly 50% of respondents highlighting its importance. This insight suggests a shift in the industry towards more open and clear communication about the work being done, which can significantly impact client trust levels. Other factors like client testimonials and detailed case studies were less influential, pointing to a potential reevaluation of how we present our qualifications and success stories.


Question #3: What feature would you like to see more of from restoration companies?

Poll showing an overwhelming majority of decision makers would like to see virtual project tracking from restoration companies.

Our survey indicated a strong demand for virtual project tracking, with nearly 2/3rd’s of the respondents expressing a preference for this feature, highlighting a market gap that Hudson Restoration can fill. Customizable service options also received notable interest, suggesting that personalization could be a key differentiator in the competitive restoration market. However, green technology and enhanced safety protocols were less of a priority, which might reflect a more general industry trend rather than specific company feedback.


Question #4: How do you prefer to communicate with service providers during a restoration project?

Poll showing that insurance companies still want to communicate with restoration service providers mainly through emails and phone calls.

Despite the interest in a virtual project tracking app, none of the survey respondents preferred to communicate through an app, with the majority favoring emails and phone calls. This discrepancy suggests that while clients are interested in digital tools for project oversight, they still prefer more traditional methods for personal communications. This feedback will be crucial as we consider how to effectively integrate new technologies into our communication strategies.


Question #5: Would you attend a webinar on sustainable restoration practices?

poll showing that people would be interested in attending a webinar on sustainability in the restoration industry

Interestingly, the survey showed a significant number of respondents would be interested in attending a webinar on sustainable restoration practices. This is despite sustainability not being a top priority in their initial company selection criteria. This finding indicates a growing awareness and interest in sustainable practices within the industry, presenting an opportunity for Hudson Restoration to lead in this area.


Strategic Marketing and Operational Recommendations


Enhancing Service Offerings

The survey results support the idea of developing a proprietary app for virtual project tracking. This innovation could set Hudson Restoration apart in the market, offering clients transparency and control over their restoration projects in real-time. Additionally, increasing the customization of service options could cater to the diverse needs of our client base, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.


Improving Communication and Transparency

Our findings highlight the need for ongoing enhancements in communication and transparency. While the interest in app-based communication was low, the demand for transparency in processes suggests that our clients value detailed information on the work being conducted. Enhancing our communication methods and ensuring clarity in our operations will be a priority.


Sustainability as a Market Differentiator

Given the interest in sustainable practices, there is a clear opportunity to continue to integrate these more deeply into our business model. Hosting webinars and creating informative content on sustainable restoration could not only educate our clients but also position Hudson Restoration as a thought leader in this increasingly important field.



The insights from the Hudson Restoration Experience Insight Survey have provided valuable directions for future service enhancements and marketing strategies. By aligning our operations more closely with the expressed needs and preferences of our clients, we can continue to deliver the high-quality, responsive service that sets Hudson Restoration apart in the luxury property restoration market.

– Hudson Restoration Team


With Zach Hudson l WRT, FSRT

As Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Hudson Restoration, Zach Hudson champions eco-friendly disaster restoration for luxury properties, aiming to offer premium services with a sustainable edge. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is a dedicated husband and father to three, driven by the mission to leave a healthier planet for future generations.

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