Hudson Restoration’s Brand Refresh And New Blog “Destination Restoration”

Welcome to Destination Restoration, the official blog of Hudson Restoration! I am Margo Malowney, VP of Business Development and Culture at Hudson Restoration, and I am excited to explore how we can Restore Responsibly, together.

This new blog accompanies Hudson Restoration’s brand refresh.   As part of that refresh, our original logo has been updated to include the addition of a green leaf, maintaining the strong brand value that Hudson has already established while including a nod toward our eco-friendly future. The updated brand will be applied organically to all social platforms, collateral materials, store fronts, and fleet vehicles. The brand refresh also includes a new website that better represents the Hudson of today, but is also nimbler and more responsive for insurance professionals and property owners.

At Hudson Restoration, we are dedicated to providing expert, customized restoration services to Ontario-based insurers, luxury homeowners, cottage owners, and commercial businesses. For over a decade, we have established a reputation for quality and integrity in the industry. But we are not just any restoration company. Hudson is a boutique, family-owned business that is committed to operating more sustainably and reducing our impact on our environment.

Our company has been quietly incorporating eco-friendly initiatives behind the scenes for many years, and we are excited to share our journey towards sustainability with our friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. We are in the process of moving to electric fleet vehicles, have sorted our recycling, gone paperless, and use solar panels and LED lights. What is even more exciting is that recently, we have extended that philosophy beyond our own walls. On our job sites, through our partner GreenFlow, we are now sorting tear-out and construction waste to divert it from landfills. And, thanks to another partnership with Built Green Canada, we are the only restorer in Canada designated Built Green Certified, which, through an audited process involving an Energy Advisor and sustainable practices and materials, enables us to reconstruct a home that is more durable and energy efficient.

It is an exciting time for Hudson. Insurers have their own net-zero and environmental goals, and are beginning to build eco-endorsements into their policy options, and we are well positioned to drive us all forward, together.  Our updated brand and new site better reflect who we are to clients and potential new team members, but also provide confidence to customers about the values of the people helping restore their properties.

At Destination Restoration, we will share stories about our team’s passion for sustainability, craftsmanship, and personal service. We will also keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and insights related to sustainability, premium quality, and property restoration. Our blog will be a place to learn about the values that drive our business and the ways we can make a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

We are thrilled to launch our new blog and share our stories with you. Stay tuned for more updates from Destination Restoration, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay connected. Thank you for joining us on this journey as together, we rebuild toward a sustainable future.

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– Margo


Margo Malowney, MIB, OLY  

VP of Business Development
and Culture at Hudson Restoration

Margo is a skilled team builder with a passion for brand growth. Throughout her career, she has used her expertise in strategy, marketing, and communication to help various organizations, including start-ups, global companies, and private and public enterprises, establish successful departments, teams, and brands.

Her experience in pioneering a new Olympic sport and a Master’s in International Business has laid the foundation for her 20+ year marketing career, where she has led organizations through growth, acquisition, integration, transformation, and innovation. She specializes in digital transformation, customer experience, and social impact/sustainability initiatives.

In addition to her career, Margo has authored a fundraising children’s book called “Good Girl Pearl,” which supports pet rescue and recovery centers across Canada.

Margo is embracing her new position with Hudson Restoration, a company that shares her values and culture of growth and giving back.

Check out more about Margo here.

About Hudson Restoration

Hudson Restoration is a leading boutique and eco-friendly disaster restoration company in Canada, providing remediation, restoration and reconstruction services, specializing in luxury residential and commercial properties.

Founded in 2009, Hudson has developed a reputation built on sophisticated levels of craftsmanship, communication and personal service, with an industry-leading, and ever deepening eco-friendly approach to help customers and insurance clients meet environmental and net-zero targets.

Today Hudson delivers construction and restoration service across Southern Ontario, and shares their vision through an expanding national franchise network. For more information, please visit to learn more.

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