Woodville, ON, Entire Home Lift Case Study – $1.3M

Previous Next Entire Home Lift Woodville, ON This homeowner experienced an unfortunate oil spill underneath their home, which not only affected the basement and foundation but also posed an environmental emergency as the oil infiltrated the surrounding soil. House on the move! That’s right, we lifted the entire house and moved it roughly 300 yards […]

Horseshoe Valley Condo Fire Case Study – $2.2M

Previous Next Horseshoe Valley Condo Fire As you can see from the extensive damage above, four high-end condo units were completely destroyed in a large fire, with another thirteen units affected by smoke. Hudson Restoration was on the scene the minute it was released from the fire investigators to help mitigate any further damages and […]

The Black Bull Fire Case Study – $2.6M

Previous Next The Black Bull Fire Toronto, ON This project put Hudson Restoration on the map. A devastating fire caused extensive damage to the second oldest bar in the city of Toronto. During peak patio season, the loss of income could have put this Toronto landmark out of business if not handled correctly. The fire […]

Oakville, ON, Shoreline Restoration Case Study – $2.5M

Previous Next Shoreline Restoration Oakville, ON Due to a major flooding event, Lake Ontario rose to record levels, causing significant damage along the shores of Oakville and surrounding areas. Hudson Restoration was brought in to completely rebuild a boathouse and a large sundeck while reinforcing the shoreline to prepare for future floods. After extensive excavation, […]

Erin, ON, Complete Home Rebuild Case Study – $1M

Previous Next Complete Home Rebuild Erin, ON Approximately three years before completion, the Graydon family lost their home to a fire. Initially, another contractor was hired to perform restoration services, but after significant expense and effort, it was determined that the best course of action was to demolish the remains and undertake a complete home […]

Forest Hill Mansion Flood Case Study – $1.7M

Previous Next Forest Hill Mansion Toronto, ON After a burst pipe on the 2nd floor of this beautiful Forest Hill home caused extensive damage to the entire building, there was an emergency rush to save the client’s extensive personal art collection, worth over $20 million. Using our extensive list of highly vetted and qualified vendors, […]

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