“Trees have friends, feel lonliness, scream with pain and communicate underground via the “woodwide web.”
So says the popular German forester, Peter Wohlleben, a last name which translates as “Livewell”.

In the restoration industry, there are a myriad of reasons to go paperless. Hudson Restoration is taking the leap as we speak. In the same way that “trees message their distress in electrical signals via their roots and across fungi networks”, our digital world is on a similar path.

As businesses are changing their internal processes at the speed of light, we, in the insurance-based restoration industry must find ways to communicate bigger, better and faster.
Moving to paperless in business, is, needless to say, problematic…It’s not so much the implementation of certain technologies and software that allow us to speed up the flow of information, but rather it’s a shift of thought….moving to a world with less paper is the wave of the future. For those of us who were born in the 50’s and 60’s, paper was engrained. The first days of school show an endless “paper trail” buying just the right “scribbler”, and then learning how to fill those notebooks with “cursive” writing…. Paper was always around us. The newspaper was how we got our news. The library was how we read books…books filled with…paper. Busy offices were offices where you had to wade through stacks of paper to get to your desk.

Carving the path to paperless is not so much physical…but visionary….That’s where Hudson Restoration is leading the way. …The VISION that has always lead our company and has set us apart from the competition is part of our mission and values…to provide a truly superior service to the community in which we live….

AS a result of always thinking about how we can do things better, how we can set ourselves apart , and how we can be and are cutting edge, we now have the ability to download photos, upload authorization forms, download estimates and upload inspection reports, in real time… and we’ve only just begun! Our team is working tirelessly to implement a paperless system so that our clients will be able to recover from loss and move on with their busy lives.

It is an exciting generation towards paperless….cash will no longer exist as we know it….shopping online means you can keep your receipt(s) in the “Cloud”….no more crumpled up, coffee stained paper receipts that eventually find themselves underneath your car seat!

The other side of the coin, so to speak, means today’s youngest generation will not know the beautiful scent of freshly turned pages in a brand new book, will not enjoy the satisfying feeling of writing or sending a letter and will most certainly never languish over old photographs from a favourite photo album.

But moving forward one cannot ignore the obvious reasons why going paperless is good for humanity. Our magnificant arboreal companions, trees, have provided shelter to plant & wildlife for centuries and continue to do so. Over 15 billion trees are destroyed each year on the planet. This is a major contributer to global climate change. Scientists have proved that a walk in the forest can be as therapeutic as any medicine…they are our loyal companions, standing steadfast in the face of progess.

I simply adore trees.