Sharyl Hudson Blog


You are celebrating another beautiful Canada day. Your children are on the front lawn waving red and white maple leaf flags, laughing, playing….you are watching them and enjoying the moment that all parents live for…knowing that your children are loved and protected by you.

Now imagine watching your children being taken away from you, right in front of your eyes. All of sudden, the moment is gone. And so are your children. There is nothing you can do about it, because it is sanctioned by the government…Your children, are now prisoners of the church. You will never see them again.

That is part of the history of our First Nations peoples of Canada. Over one hundred years of atrocities took place in Residential Schools across Canada, with children enduring hunger, rape, beatings and murder, not to mention complete severance from their families and their communities. The intent was not to integrate native children into Canadian society, but to destroy the native culture, a 14,000 year old culture with more than 634 First Nations tribes who speak 50 distinct languages, with traditions rooted in spirituality and love of nature and family.

What happened in these schools is nothing short of genocide.

The onus is on all Canadians to educate ourselves about our First Nations peoples, the people that founded “Kanata”, which would eventually become “Canada”.


Hudson Restoration supports truth and reconciliation for all of our Indigenous peoples, and we hear you. (Skatshon tanon’ Akwe.kon: means ‘Family’ in Mohawk)