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Hudson Restoration gives back. There’s no season like the Christmas holidays to run a HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE!

HUNGER is a global problem and on the rise in Canada. In a typical month, food banks nationwide provide food to 882,000 people (more than 339,000 of these are children). Here are some hard facts :

– 35% of all food bank clients are children
– In Burlington, almost 17,000 people are living at or below the low income cut-off
– There are more people using food banks in Ontario than any other province in Canada
– The most needed food items are rice, personal hygiene products, juice (canned, bottles & boxes), canned meat & fish, canned fruit, canned tomatoes, pasta sauce, cold cereal, pancake mix & maple syrup, peanut butter and canned vegetables

Food Banks Canada works with 550 food banks and more than 3,000 food programs across Canada. In addition to a range of food-related programs for adults and children, many also offer other forms of support such as skills training, community kitchens and gardens as well as helping people search for jobs, housing and affordable child care.

Most food banks rely heavily on their volunteer base. Close to 40% are run solely by volunteers, and the remainder rely heavily on volunteer assistance. Many volunteers are current or former food bank recipients.

Serving the community is at the heart of what we do at Hudson Restoration. We recognize the commitment that The Burlington Food Bank has made to this beautiful city. By sourcing, managing and distributing food to a network of local agencies such as food banks, children’s snack programs, the Carpenter Hospice and Halton Women’s Place, we nurture not only the most vulnerable but we nurture ourselves.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people…then just feed one…” – Mother Theresa