He Changed the World – George Floyd

Sharyl Hudson Blog

The guilty on all counts verdict for ex Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin was released yesterday, a giant step for mankind in the fight against systemic racism in the world.

The sacrifice was monumental. Floyd died a brutal, suffocating death for over nine minutes, pleading for his breath…and his mother. Anyone who saw the video, saw the truth.

How did it get to this? Chauvin had a history of police violence long before he took Floyd’s life.

“Earlier in his career, the African-American chief of the Minneapolis police, Medaria Arradondo sued his own department, accusing the leadership of tolerating racism. Once he took charge, he
vowed to make mending relations with the city’s black residents a priority…”

Over 60% of victims in Minneapolis are the recipients of racist police violence.

The entire world has, and must take note of the message here. We are all in this together. Black lives matter, all lives matter.

Hudson Restoration’s stand on racism is that there is no room for it in society, including the workplace. Be kind to people, Black, Asian, White, Indian, Native…all ethnicities…we are in this together.

Thank you George Floyd for your sacrifice. Your daughter, Gianna said that you would change the world! And you have.