Sharyl Hudson Blog


It’s Blog time and we are combining July & August because, hey, it’s summertime and everyone should be outside anyways enjoying this beautiful stretch of weather!

So, what I have to say today is GOOD JOB everybody!….to frontline and everyday workers, to business people, to the artists, the scientists…the dreamers and the pragmatists ….to moms and dads, to children and to friends, to the rich, the poor and everyone in between…GOOD JOB……to ALL races…GOOD JOB…to those who have lost their way…GOOD JOB….to those who have found their way…GOOD JOB…

We have made it through one of the worst pandemics of this century..some of us with only a few scars..others with many…and to those who lost their lives during COVID 19, while we are saddened and continue to grieve, we thank you for your days here on earth…you did nothing wrong…and as your life is celebrated in the hearts of those who knew you, other hearts are lifted with the outpouring of simple kindness! The world as we knew it a few months ago has hurdled into the next century it seems, and if there is a silver lining to all of this…we viewed each other for a few short weeks through a different lens…a slower, albeit more peaceful lens…families came together…our carbon footprint was lighter…and we walked, hand in hand again, with our children….

So, to all of you out there…hello! You’re doing a…

“Good Job
You’re doing a good job, a good job
You’re doing a good job
Don’t get too down
The world needs you now
Know that you matter, matter, matter….


(Alicia Keys)