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Well, its May 1st and there’s no time like the spring to invest in new technology that is groundbreaking and very, very cost effective.

The Matterport 3D Pro 2 camera is not just a camera…it’s the future. Its applications are far reaching: “Matterport’s technology solves for the limitations of 2D photography and the need for manual measurements by providing the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to create, share and collaborate around jobsites ( in construction and insurance restoration)” says John Chwalibog, at Matterport.


Hudson 360 gives you a full 360 degree perspective of all affected areas of property loss allowing for full transparency. This technology gives you the ability to view the loss in high definition in real time…snapshots of every aspect of the loss is available for reference at any point in time with comprehensive loss documentation, automatic floor plan creation sharing easily with Adjusters, Estimators and Consultants…If that wasn’t enough, it is also for use in Xactimate and captures most homes in 45 minutes or less … precise, fast and COST EFFICIENT….the WAVE OF THE FUTURE!

HUDSON 360 introduces DRONES – INSURANCE RESTORATION TECHNOLOGY FROM THE SKIES – With mounting costs across the board, insurance companies will undoubtedly begin to leverage 3D groundbreaking technology and the use of DRONES as a tool for effectively evaluating property damage. All of our project managers are UAV trained pilots. Drones are an ideal tool for inspecting property damage while mitigating risk.

“Bill Carney discovered Matterport’s 3D camera after a friend sent him a link to the virtual tour of a construction site. He could not only see the site’s dimensions, but where the gas lines were located….”

In insurance restoration, the possibilities are infinite. Imagine if the job site could come to you! That’s essentially what the Matterport 3D camera does. Imagine if you could download hundreds of photos in an instant. “We can scan an entire site in a fraction of the time, cut down on jobsite visits, and document key milestones for any project at an affordable price point.”

Nick Hudson, Vice President calls the Matterport “revolutionary”…a real game changer. It shares easily with adjusters and estimators and it engages in a full 360 degree perspective of all affected areas of the loss. With an automatic floor plan creation for use with Xactimate, this 3D technology for comprehensive loss documention is second to none.

“This could mean capturing data we never before had access to – like satellites showing us places we never knew existed. It could also mean capturing data at scale and efficiency where only manual methods previously existed…”

One giant step for HUDSON RESTORATION…one giant leap for property loss professionals!

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