Decontamination – Haldimand County Fire Department

Sharyl Hudson Portfolio

In 2014, Hudson Restoration was contacted by the Manager of Fleet and Equipment Operations who was responsible for the acquistion, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of a fleet of 250+ licenced vehicles and off road construction equipment including a fleet of fire apparatuses and ambulances with the Haldimand County Fire Department.

Due to a recent significant fire containing numerous chemicals and fertilizer, a fleet of 22 fire vehicles and 2 ambulances  were contaminated due to smoke infiltration.

The first challenge was finding a facility to perform the cleaning and decontamination process. The magnitude of the problem was significant as the vehicles not only had to be cleaned inside and out, but two 100′ aerial trucks and the HVAC systems were also contaminated with smoke.

Adding to the maze of difficulties, the  weather at the time was not conducive to cleaning vehicles outside as it was in the winter season.

All challenges were overcome and the trucks were cleaned and back in service in a timely fashion, again, exceeding the customers expectations!