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Hudson Restoration has become a staple in the restoration construction industry within Ontario. It has earned a reputation for fairness, integrity and attention to detail, serving both the insurance industry and the private sector. The company works with an ever-growing number of insurance companies, often being commissioned to restore high profile locations. Many of Canada’s major insurers are choosing Hudson Restoration for their large loss, high-end clients.

Today, the company is an emerging leader in the property loss industry, including losses such as fire, water, wind and mould. The “mission” is to move quickly to ensure minimal interruption in the lives of homeowners and business owners. Being proactive rather than reactive has been the key to growth and success.

With offices in Toronto, Burlington, the Golden Horshoe, Markham and Ontario’s elite Muskoka region, Hudson Restoration is filling a much needed “niche” market.

  • Mission

    Rapid move quickly into the lives of home and business owners to ensure minimal interruption...Efficiency of Reporting....upholding the highest level of professionalism, communication and customer service

  • Vision

    Unparalled Customer Service....Superior Finish.

  • Values

    Integrity, Fairness, Attention to Detail

Trusted By The Best

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Our Team

Steve Hudson, B.A, CAHP


Nick Hudson, CR, CET

VP of Operations

Justin English, MWR

Senior Project Manager

Jeffery Latour

Senior Project Manager

John Roberts

Construction Manager

Jeff Carey

Construction Manager

Gene Finnemore

Senior Project Manager

Enrique Acosta, ASD

Emergency Services Manager

Carl Stevens

Health & Safety/Facilities

Sharyl Hudson

Administration | Technical Writing

Georgi Angelov


Evan Walter


Bryan Hanley


Trevor Hudson

Human Ressources

Jamie Garland


Geoff Hudson

Project Coordinator

Howard Payne


Jason MacAleese


Merlyn Tugas

Emergency Services Manager

Michele Beaver


Jason Latour

Construction and Emergency Services Manager


Giving Back

In 2017 , Vice President Nick Hudson became involved with LIVE DIFFERENT, travelling to the Dominican Republic, giving back to impoverished families. "Live Different" was established as a Canadian charity in 2000 and began to operate internationally in 2005.

From the beginning, the charity was particularly passionate about making a difference in people's lives through youth empowerment presentations, humanitarian Builds program, community projects and the Academy program. Over the years  the staff at LIVE DIFFERENT have  spoken to over 1.5 million students, visited over 3,500 schools from coast-to-coast, and completed over 500 projects internationally, including homes, schools and clinics.

Next year Nick will continue his work with "Live Different" as he travels to Thailand with the humanitarian Builds program.

Hudson Restoration is proud to make a difference in GIVING BACK!

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For any type of emergency please call 1-888-918-6855

Our Locations

1617 – 85 East Liberty Street, Toronto, ON, M6K 3R4