Sharyl Hudson Blog

Winding up another day, helping people find their way
Through water damage, wind and smoke
I suddenly realize …I’m not the only “bloke”
Who thinks about New York’s twin towers
and imagines, in horror, helpless people cower
while airplane engines blast through stone
and in a second all is gone
and where were you in all of this?
when fire engines blew and hissed
when widowed persons had their last kiss
whatever happened to September bliss
never again they say will be
its all about security
September chill when there’s no more will
pervading our streets, our markets, our sanctuaries
Fall from grace as we race into space
and 9/11 goes into dictionaries
as the world spins faster and we try to remember
…but its changed…and for now, a sad September.
One of these days when we watch the children play
We will remember a September that simply lost its way….

In memory of First Responders and those Civilians who lost their lives in 9/11. I am proud to be a Canadian who believes that all nations can live together peacefully and with hope….

Sharyl Hudson