Keg Mansion

Biohazard Cleanup | Emergency Restoration

Project Details:
  • Date: 02/14/2016
  • Client: The Keg Mansion
  • Job Number: 4
Project Description:

Hudson Restoration performed emergency services (biohazard cleanup) on February 14/2016 after an intruder entered the 3rd floor office area of The Keg Mansion. He tripped and fell 3 stories through an opening in the floor, eventually succumbing to his injuries.

Due to this tragic event, the City of Toronto Police Department asked the Keg to solve the issue of how easily the intruder entered the premises through the fire escape. The fire escape was built in the 1920’s was very accessible. Hudson Restoration proposed a new ladder addition to the existing system.

As well, an existing double hung window on the third floor had to be fully removed and transported to the shop for restoration. Existing sash/jamb/glazing needed to be replaced and a full unit re-installed and painted. All of the work needed to be heritage approved.